To Cold For Escorts

Oxford was cold this time of year, but it gave Edita an excuse to wear the faux fur coat she had been keeping in the back of her closet for outdoor occasions. She wasn’t sure if it was true that it was colder in Oxford than in England, but as she wandered the campus with Cuthbert Barker, she was starting to believe it was true. Even with the heavy layering, she shivered a bit, arms folded around herself to keep the wind from her front (to no avail).

It was temporary, she knew. They had made an agreement to make only one round of the campus, because despite Cuthbert’s love for snow and cold, Edita was small and her teeth chattered quite easily. She wasn’t sure what kind of insane person wanted to hire a London escort to take on a date that involved walking around a college campus in the cold, but she supposed she couldn’t say anything. Six thousand five hundred pounds was a lot of money – she would need it on her trip to America the following week.

“Come here,” Cuthbert said to Edita after a few minutes of watching the girl shiver and try to appear unfazed. He laid a hand at her back and drew her closer, wrapping his arm around her when he had room to do so and squeezing her into his side. It made walking for the both of them a bit slow, but Edita felt the immediate difference in the physical contact. Body warmth did come in handy, it seemed.

“Do you take all of your escorts out in the cold?” Edita finally asked. She was teasing for the most part, but she was curious to know just who else had endured this with him. He didn’t appear offended; if anything, he seemed to be amused by her question.

“How many people my age do you really think like cold weather?” Cuthbert asked her. “Come on. You’re what, twenty-one? Twenty-two? I’m twenty-four. And girls our age don’t like the cold.”

“Twenty-three,” Edita corrected him in terms of her age. “And no, we don’t like the cold. Especially London escorts,” she added with a small laugh. “Warmth and luxury, remember?” She couldn’t say that she was complaining too much; this was a different experience than she was used to with clients. And Cuthbert hadn’t even hinted on intimacy with her. He seemed to just want a companion, someone to walk in the cold with and talk to about…what was it he was studying again?

“My Italian course is getting quite extensive,” Cuthbert complimented, and Edita remembered right away what he was studying: Modern Languages. There was something else tacked onto it, but she couldn’t remember, and made note to work on her listening skills if she intended on taking this job any further. “But the class will be going to Italy at the end of the semester.” He paused, looking at her as he tightened his arm around her. “Have you ever been to Italy?”

“Once,” Edita replied, looking at him in turn. “A while ago. For work.” A client had flown her out first class. She hadn’t gotten to see much of the country, though, as the woman that flew her out had kept her in bed for several days straight.

“Perhaps I’ll take you this summer, if you’re still interested in seeing me for future arrangements,” Cuthbert said casually. Edita couldn’t help but smile; he really could be adorable sometimes.

He wasn’t so adorable when he suddenly knocked her into a snowbank, however. Wet and freezing, Edita glared at him, ready to curse him to hell and back with any word she could find. But then he dropped on top of her, pinned her to the snow, and kissed her.

Well, she supposed there were worse ways to be cold.