Spoil Me

“Give me one of those,” Andrea Relis said as she pointed across the table at a wine glass. It certainly wasn’t wine that it was filled with; she wasn’t sure what it was. But Andrea had every intention of finding out, especially if she was to be spending the night with the men at her table. She reached out a slim hand and took the glass as it was handed to her, eyeing the pale liquid inside before taking a long gulp. The reflex was almost immediate: she yanked the glass away from her lips and coughed hard, nearly spitting the drink everywhere, but managing to slap her hand over her mouth to avoid doing so. The three men laughed.

“All of you are going straight to hell for that,” Andrea snapped when she could finally breathe, placing the glass down and grabbing a napkin to wipe her hands and chin with. She wasn’t getting paid enormous amounts of money as there escort to try disgusting drinks all night; she was ready for the main show. The guys were having fun, however, and that was all she could ask for. One of them slid up next to her on the sofa situated behind the table they had been using, laying his hand on her thigh and giving her the most innocent look she had ever seen in her life.

“Can I make it up to you?” he asked, sounding as if he was ready to pout. Andrea scoffed a bit, leaning back just a bit to look at him better.

“And how do you think you’re going to do that?”

She was not expecting the jewelry box he produced from his suit pocket. Deep red, velvet, and long, Andrea had to stop herself from jumping for it. She deserved expensive jewelry, damnit, and it made her happy to see that at least one of them understood that. “If you’re planning to propose to a London escort with a necklace, I’d rethink some of your charming tactics,” Andrea teased. The man – Jonathon, she believed his name was, tapped her wrist with the box as the other two laughed at her attempt at a joke.

“Very funny,” he huffed, holding the box out to her. “I just happen to be a bit of a suck up, is all. I think you’ll approve.” He watched her as she took the box from his hands and gave him a skeptical look. When she opened it and simply gaped at the necklace within, he smirked in triumph.

It was beautiful, she would give him that much. Gold plated, thick wiring lined in more diamonds than she could count. If he bought these sorts of gifts for escorts, she wanted to know what he was buying for his wife. It was either a lot grander, or a lot less satisfying. Picking up the necklace from the soft bed it layon, she turned it over between her fingers, then looked at Jonathon, attempting to appear disinterested.

“I suppose it’ll do. You’re forgiven.”

Everyone laughed again, and she placed the necklace around her neck. Another man – Charlie, was it? – reached over to fasten it for her, and when she was sure it wouldn’t come loose, she stood to go pick up a glass that she knew held wine in it. Turning to face the three, she glanced between them, then smirked.

“Now…who else wants to spoil their London princess?”