Recently Divorced Business Man

“I started off as a dancer,” Sharron muttered as she eyed the recording device blinking ominously at her. “I worked a lot of private parties, most of them Bachelor parties. A lot of them would pay me to travel to another part of the country from London.” She glanced up to make sure the woman in the room was still listening. “My cousin who worked with London escorts and I usually worked the parties together. Guys were asking for more, and my cousin was giving it to them. They were always disappointed when I refused. I always stayed to make sure my cousin was okay, which meant I was badgered a lot.”

Sharron sat back in her seat. “Eventually, they wanted more, so I gave them more. Most of the time, the parties consisted of men over forty-five. We would dance and spend time, and my cousin would take them into a bedroom. At first, I would just hang out with the ones that didn’t go into a bedroom. One night, I ended up topless and was sitting around and flirting and joking with I think three men. My cousin’s friend was with me.”

The fact that the woman in the room wasn’t interjecting with questions made Sharron uncomfortable. Then again, she supposed it was good that she wasn’t getting interrupted. It was too hard to remember details if they weren’t flowing in a linear format. She was told from the beginning to go into as much detail as possible, so that was exactly what Sharron was going to do; even the details the woman might not want to hear. Sharron was feeling vindictive enough.

“My friend was usually the one that took care of at least one guy at the parties, but we gave them the option between the two of us that night,” Sharron resumed. “She took one, I took one. The guy was nice looking; maybe forty-six, recently divorced. Brown hair. Business man. We got into the bedroom, and he took off my clothes for me – I had the ‘barely legal’ look for years, so I was wearing very small denim shorts and a top I could tie up and make a crop top. There was almost no point in even wearing clothes, to be honest.

“I gave him a naked lap dance…I made him put on a condom, because I rubbed my cunt all over his cock.” Now she was getting detailed, and Maria nearly laughed at the briefly surprised look on the woman’s face. “He wasn’t even inside of me, and he came all over my thigh. Then he asked me to make him eat it.” Her nose wrinkled a bit as she recalled that. “It…wasn’t quite my thing, but I did do it. I got a plastic spoon from the party and scooped it off of my thigh, and forced it into his mouth. He came again.”

“Well then,” the woman interjected finally, a bit loudly. “Thank you, Sharron.” The woman shut off the recording device. She looked mortified.