VIDEO: Putin in hilarious spoof of Donald Trump – starring Boris Johnson

Trademark to the diktat of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a new trailer sees a naked Boris Johnson swearing at Donald Trump as the US president joins in the derision.

The short film, released by Russian publisher Pravda and produced by the team behind Iron Curtain, displays intense action and brutality – yet also contains a dash of humour.

In the first extract, Russian President Putin is seen watching Trump during a press conference in front of a devoted but drunken crowd city bankers and high class escort girls.

The appearance of Trump reminds Putin of a previous statement which he made after the American’s ‘wrong’ reaction to the shooting of an ISIS fighter.

Speaking to Trump, he tells him: ‘Thank you for that. That’s great. Maybe I’ll have to tell him,’ he added, then continues the rant with Trump replying: ‘Oh, alright then. Then tell him I heard about what happened in UK with those London escorts.’

Directed by Russian director Vadim Lavrusik and produced by St Petersburg-based Stepan Baganov, the trailer is just one in a series of videos released by the joint venture Iron Curtain.

It is so far the most out-of-the-blue of Iron Curtain’s creative output.

To be fair, many Russians appear to think that Putin’s humour is beyond parody. Kremlin website watchdog Roskomnadzor even reported that the ‘sanctions-hit’ country was uniting over its ‘sarcastic humour.’