Expensive Jewelry for his Escort

It wasn’t the first time Andrea found herself swimming in jewels. With at least ten velvet boxes laid out around her, the light-haired London escort found herself smug that the only issues she seemed to have in life were choosing between Beaverbrooks and Swarovski. It was impossible to do so as of late; each were coming out with beautiful new sets, and while Andrea didn’t consider herself too materialistic, per say, it still proved to be a problem when someone from Parliament called on her for an evening out.

It was rare that Andrea was asked to perform a sexual act for a member of Parliament. The only time she had been expected to was when one had gotten a tab bit more drunk than intended during a party, and she had received continuous apologies for the behavior of the man for weeks afterwards. She wasn’t sure why they felt the need – she was an escort, for heaven’s sake. But the reputation of Parliament seemed to be far more important, so she accepted the apologies and assured them that no harm had come from the action.

The fifteen thousand dollars she had walked away with hadn’t been half bad, either.

“What about this?” Veronica London asked as she reached into a bag and withdrew her hand, holding a deep purple velvet box. It was long; a necklace, Andrea assumed. She hadn’t seen the box before (though a lot of them did look alike), so she reached out her hand, letting Veronica set the box in her palm before she drew it towards herself and opened it. The sparkling diamonds blinded her as soon as the box opened, and Andrea had to turn her brown eyes away for a moment.

“It might do,” Andrea mused as she ran the edge of her index finger along the sterling silver chain. The necklace glittered with diamonds, well over thirty thousand dollars’ worth. Archibald had told her to pick whichever she wanted from the collection…and they were all expensive. Had he bought these himself? Was there an ex-wife in the picture that would be furious to know he had given jewelry to a London escort? Several ex-wives, perhaps? She found it difficult to care when they were offered up for her choosing, and she did have a difficult time saying no to objects that glittered.

A knock on the door drew the attention of both women, and Andrea looked up with a balding man of fifty stuck his head through the door. “Having fun?” Archibald asked with a smile as he looked between the two escorts. Andrea offered a smile, then looked back down at the necklace, regarding it with thought before holding it up for Archibald to see.

“What do you think of this one?” she asked. Perhaps it was a bit too nice (and expensive) to be accepting from someone. She didn’t care who they worked for – she had limits, did she not?

“It’s beautiful,” Archibald responded, stepping into the sitting room he had allowed Andrea and Vanessa reign of. “It matches your dress.”

Andrea looked down quickly at herself, raising a brow as she noticed that he was right. The sparkling silver number was nearly a perfect match. She had found her necklace, then.

“You’ll never know modesty again once you’ve worn that necklace,” Vanessa breathed into her ear. “It’s too much to resist. I told you, you’d love this job.”

Andrea had no room to argue